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Don't change how your business works, just make it quicker and easier.

Quote profitable prices instantly with the customer seeing and choosing an option to fit their budget. You don't need to change your accounting software, your credit card process, how you do the other parts of your business.

It's a simple and easy improvement that will make quoting and selling every job easier.


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NSPG Price Guide App is an electronic Flat Rate Price Book for Professional Trades like Plumbing, Electrical, & HVAC built on more than 20 years of experience with our desktop Flat Rate pricing software: National Standard Price Guide.

NSPG Price Guide App is the on line version of the industry leading NSPG Flat Rate Price Book. NSPG Price Guide desktop software users can output their flat rate books for use on any portable device with a single mouse click.

With NSPG Flat Rate products, you can take your numbers and experience and put them into a Flat Rate Pricing System in just about any format you need - Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and printed books.

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NSPG Price Guide App Pricing

*1 User

Just 97¢/day

2 Users

Just 82¢/day

3 Users

Just 77¢/day

5 Users

Just 66¢/day

10 Users

Just 50¢/day

Added User above 10

Just 33¢/day

*A User is ONE field technician or office person who will use the NSPG Price Guide App

Subscriptions for 3 users or less are billed Quarterly in advance.  Others are billed Monthly in advance.

A National Standard Price Guide desktop license is required to manage and use this web app.
Please   contact  us for more information.